That’s who I am.

Right now, anyway

I’ve journaled/blogged long enough to know this is just my current state and that it will change as everything does which is why I think it’s fun to write.

So let me unload a little. First up,

Macro Counting

Two weeks before Christmas I decided to hire a coach to help me learn how to count macros. Most of you know my weight loss history with Roni’s Weigh and all, so I’m not going to rehash it. The bottom line is I lost a lot of weight, maintained it for a long time, found fitness along the way, started CrossFitting and Olympic Lifting, and recently, slowly, started to put weight back on. It didn’t ‘bother me at first. At 41, I am more fit and strong than I’ve ever been. My body image no longer holds me back from experiencing things as it did in my teens and 20s. I was perfectly happy not weighing myself any longer because I was living the way I wanted to live.

When I went back to an office job last year all of my old dress pants didn’t fit. I wasn’t devastated or anything, but I did need to go shopping and by a size up. I decided then I should probably be a bit more conscious of my eating habits.


I thought I had everything under control until I noticed my old bad cycles coming back. I started to try to cut out carbs. I was dabbling in intermittent fasting. It didn’t take me long to recognize the pattern. I was back to doing what I used to do: halfheartedly trying quick fixes just to lose a few pounds instead of consciously making longer-lasting changes to support and maintain my current lifestyle and the goals I wanted to reach.

So much like in 2005, I decided I needed help. Back then I joined Weight Watchers, but I’m a completely different person today. Now I take my lifting seriously.  I work out daily. I have goals I’m trying to reach in the gym. Cutting calories blindly hasn’t been working for me. I wanted to approach my weight loss from the perspective of an athlete, not someone who is just trying to get as skinny as possible.

Macro counting seemed like a good fit. Instead of tracking points, I’m now tracking carbohydrates, fat, and protein separately. The funny thing is I’m approaching macro counting the same exact way I did point counting back in 2005. I pre-plan as much as possible, track the macros in a journal, cook and prep more snacks than buy them, and weigh myself daily.

My approach is the same, and it’s working now just as it worked then.

Here I am wearing a pair of dress pants I couldn’t fit into last year at this time.


I’m wrapping up my 12th-week counting macros, and I’m planning on going through all my journals to share in more detail soon. I’m even considering joining the group of coaches I used so I coach others. I’m just not ready to do it right now. I still have more to learn about macros and a few more goals I want to reach personally.


Speaking of goals, today I actually went out for a run/walk. I haven’t been braving the weather at all this winter which is odd for me. I used to love running in the cold, but now I want nothing to do with it.

This morning I decided to give it another try and at 6:30 this morning while everyone was sleeping, I bundled up, grabbed my headphones and hit the road.

I wouldn’t say the cold was enjoyable but it was bearable and I had one of my favorite podcasts to keep me company.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. It’s how I stay sane on my commute to and from work. I used to listen to fitness related ones, but honestly, they tend to annoy me, so I’ve gone in a different direction. Now my favorites are:

I listen on Podcast Go, a free android app. It’s easy, allows me to download while I’m on wi-fi and the ads aren’t too annoying.

Ignoring Facebook

Listening to those podcasts is ultimately more rewarding than mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook Wall which I haven’t done in over a week!

A few people have asked me how it’s going and, well, it’s going great! I feel less distracted and happier. I do!

I am no longer overwhelmed by constantly reading other people opinions and views on the state of the world.

I thought I’d miss the connections a bit more than I do. There are moments I fight the urge to share and just see what’s going on in everyone’s life but it’s not killing me or anything. I think about it, and then the thought fades as I move on to something else.

I think I may just pick a day of the week to unblock it, check in and then re-block. Not having the app on my phone, however, is a permanent change. I swear my battery lasts at least 25% longer than it used to!


Speaking of apps, I love the new (to me, at least) CrossFit Games App!

It’s an easy way to see your standings, get the workout info and track your favorite athletes. After 18.1 here are my standings out of my age group in the world.

I did 18.2 this weekend, and it nearly killed me. I wasn’t able to complete the first part in the time frame given which means my standings will probably plummet but I feel good about where I am. I’ve come a long way, and so far I’ve been able to compete with all the prescribed weights, something I wasn’t able to do in years past.

Mom of Pre-Teen

Finally, I wanted to share a slide from a seminar I went to yesterday.

The speaker was Chap Clark, author of Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers. I haven’t read the book, so I can’t recommend it, but he was a great speaker.

His talk gave me much insight into the changing world of the 12-year-old and even how I can begin to prepare the 6-Year-Old (almost 7!) as he starts to enter young adolescence as well.

I feel as if I’m entering a stage of parenting you don’t anticipate when you have babies and toddlers. I mean I knew my kids were going to grow up but when they were small I never really put any thought into how my job as Mom would change as they age.  It’s not harder or easier. It’s just different.

So many things are different.